Our Families. Our Shlichus. Together For Shluchim


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Our Families. Our Shlichus.
Together For Shluchim

Every day, hundreds of Shluchim turn to the Shluchim Office for assistance. From providing chassidishe chinuch for their children to prepared meaningful weekly classes for their communities, Shluchim worldwide know that the Shluchim Office is there to assist! 

Today, you can partner with the Shluchim Office and be there for the Shluchim. As Chassidim, we know Chassidim Ein Mishpacha. These are our families.
The Rebbe gave each of us a Shlichus to spread Yiddishkeit and Chassidus and prepare the world for geula. This is our Shlichus.

Now is the time to join Together for Shluchim and raise $500,000 in just 36 hours. 

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